Ice Cream Stop #2 – Kerber’s Dairy, North Huntingdon, PA

July 11, 2020 We arrived at Kerber’s at 10:30 a.m. They are another small convenience store with an adjacent putt putt golf course and inner tube water slide. They sell half gallon tubs of their ice cream (Jackson Farms sold half gallon and gallon tubs) as well as selling soft serve ice cream and aContinue reading “Ice Cream Stop #2 – Kerber’s Dairy, North Huntingdon, PA”

Ice Cream Stop #1 – Jackson Farms, New Salem, PA

July 11, 2020 We left Brown Hill at 8:30 a.m. after a hearty breakfast of eggs. The sky had dark rain clouds with intermittent sections of blue sky with the sun peeking out. There was a nice breeze in the 68 degree mountain air. The Summit was 66 degrees. As we descended into Uniontown, weContinue reading “Ice Cream Stop #1 – Jackson Farms, New Salem, PA”

Ice Cream Trail Day Trip – Western Pennsylvania

July 11, 2020 A fellow Ice Cream 101 student told me (Kristin) in January about the Pennsylvania Ice Cream Trails. The PA Dairy Association organizes it, offering participants a “Passport” to be stamped at specific creameries. Once filled, the passport could be exchanged for an ice cream bowl. There are three trails, Western PA, SouthContinue reading “Ice Cream Trail Day Trip – Western Pennsylvania”

Ice Cream 101 Class: Best Birthday Gift Ever!

3 jam-packed days, 16 lectures, 6 labs, watched demos and tasted samples from 14 different machines, (ice cream, gelato, custard, vegan, batch, soft serve…), 10 samples to evaluate in sensory class, networking with participants, eating more ice cream at The Berkey Creamery on Penn State campus = A dream-come-true best-60th-birthday-gift EVER and one very happyContinue reading “Ice Cream 101 Class: Best Birthday Gift Ever!”

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