Chilled Flavors, Ponte Vedra, FL (on US 1)

October 24 2020

Gregg heard of this new-to-us ice cream shop, 9 miles from our home, so we visited it today.

The shop faces the highway in an industrial area so we passed it before we saw it.

We taste tested some flavors and both decided on “Amy’s Favorite – Straight from the New Jersey Shore.” It is vanilla ice cream with peanut butter variegate and chocolate crunchies.

I also had a scoop of “Coffee Fudge Ripple” – coffee ice cream with Ghirardelli fudge ripple.

Rumor on the street is their ice cream is 16% milkfat. Delicious!

They have a nice variety of ice cream flavors to select from. Their variegates are creative and plentiful.

Note to my vegan friends: they have non-dairy options, too!

While there are tables and chairs inside, they are close together. Covid has gotten me used to restaurant tables having space around them. No worries, we enjoyed the nice weather at one of the three tables outside.

The shop also offers vintage video games to play. It is an eclectic store with lots going on. And lots of customers going in. Good for them!

I’m sure we’ll be back!

Published by Kristin Emily Friend

I am a wife, sister, aunt, friend, and Hope*Writer.

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