Springfield Scoops, Jacksonville, FL

October 5, 2020

Gregg read about a new ice cream shop in the Springfield area of Jacksonville. This is a historic area which is in the process of being revitalized. We were so excited to learn that Springfield Scoops is a black-owned business and we both desire to help support it.

The shop has fun artwork decorating the walls. They offer 24 flavors of ice cream. Their spoons are good quality and fun … they feel nice and smooth in your mouth and they turn from pink to purple when they get cold.

The proprietor’s mother served us. She shared that her daughter loved going to Baskin Robins as a child and determined that she wanted to own an ice cream shop when she grew up. I am smiling with joy just thinking about how this woman has worked to make her dream come true!

We each had a our ice cream in a waffle bowl. Gregg’s was chocolate and mine was plain. The waffles were freshly made while we waited.

I chose “Stellar Coffee” – a coffee ice cream with fudge and mini coffee “cups.” Delicious! And that fudge! So thick and plentiful! No skimping on the mix-ins here!

Gregg chose Banana Creme Pie which had generous swirls of marshmallow creme through the banana ice cream. He enjoyed it, too.

I’m sure we’ll return!

You go, girl!! I’m celebrating you!

Published by Kristin Emily Friend

I am a wife, sister, aunt, friend, and Hope*Writer.

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