Ice Cream Trail Stop #29 – Vale Wood Farms, Loretto, PA

July 18, 2020

What a beautiful drive through the mountains and also through farmlands today. I love looking down into valleys and seeing barns, silos, and the various colors of fields. I also love seeing the 3-D views the mountains create.

Vale Wood Farms is in the middle of farmlands. By the number of freezer trucks parked out back, they do a huge retail/wholesale business including home delivery. Their property is child-friendly with a playground and many outdoor games available. It is well manicured, and decorated in cozy country style. I fell in love with a vintage Ball jar light fixture!

Gregg selected a unique flavor called Chocolate Avacado. He could taste some avacado and felt it made the chocolate flavor more intense. Curious. After we ate, I found out that no avocados were harmed in the making of the ice cream, only avacado flavoring.

The ice cream melted quickly and the texture of the chocolate avacado began to look similar to marshmallow fluff.

I got Honey Almond Crunch. It was good although not what I expected. It was made with sugar, not honey. I assume the “honey” came from flavoring and had almost a flowery flavor. There were no almonds in it. The barista said the crunch was similar to Nestles Crunch bar. But it was MUCH better! Probably because it was made with dark chocolate and the crunch/krispies were small and not overwhelming.

Ratings on a scale of -5 to 5:

  • Creativity: 3
  • Flavor: 2
  • Texture: 2
  • Temperature: 2
  • Selection: 3 (16 flavors)
  • Type: hard packed/scooped
  • Worth the Drive? 0
Cute Tick Tac Toe game – painted rocks and a slice of tree.

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