Ice Cream Trail Stop #28 – Windy Knoll Farm Market and Creamery, Chambersburg, PA

July 18, 2020

After a good night’s sleep, we ate a little at the hotel and headed to Windy Knoll Farm Market and Creamery for second breakfast.

This Mennonite market and creamery is large, clean, inviting, and has a wide variety of foods, especially for baking (bulk spices, pie fillings, etc.) Definitely a place to return to shop.

In their freezer section, they sell their ice cream in half gallon paper containers the shape of national brands.

The food counter sells breakfasts, sandwiches, and hot deli foods along with scooped ice cream. They have a very pretty gelato-style display case.

Curiously, some flavors were obviously freezer burned, one flavor covered in ice crystals had never been scooped. We wonder if there is a way to put lids on these containers at night. If so, would that stave off the ice crystal formation?

We both loved the flavors we picked out AND they each had pockets that tasted freezer burned. Note to self: if running an ice cream store, take the financial hit and discard any portions of ice cream that have ice crystals or look freezer-burned gooey.

Gregg had Grapenut ice cream. It was surprisingly good. If he eats Grapenut cereal again, ice cream is the way to go.

I had Coffee Crisp. I want to remember to buy a half gallon carton of this flavor next time we are in Chambersburg! It is coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks and what seemed like nice chunks of chocolate covered toffee. Delicious!

We sat outside under a large gazebo in comfy gliders. They have a nice playground as well as picnic tables, too. The grounds are beautifully kept with gorgeous flowering plants. Very relaxing.

Considering the fact that Gregg has a cousin who lives north of Chambersburg, we will most likely return.

This was to be our last official stop on the PA Ice Cream Trail. Since we have time, we decided to take the long way home to visit the creamery we missed last Saturday.

Imagine our surprise when Gregg spotted a Scoop-A-Palooza sign outside Windy Knoll! Upon inquiry, we found out that a local bank is offering weekly prize drawings during July (National Ice Cream Month) for visiting the Chambersburg area/Franklin County ice cream shops. Sounds like fun! … Another time. Maybe by next weekend we’ll be ready for more ice cream. (wink)

By the way, we didn’t stop for peaches because the Chambersburg peach season is in August. Another reason to return.

Ratings on a scale of -5 to 5:

  • Creativity: 3 (creative flavors)
  • Flavor: 3 (overlooking the freezer burn taste)
  • Texture: 1
  • Temperature: 4
  • Selection: 4
  • Type: hard packed/scooped
  • Worth the Drive? 3 (especially because of the store)

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