Ice Cream Trail Stop #27 – Urban Churn, Harrisburg, PA

July 17, 2020

As we sat, confused, at the Sugar Shack, eating our soft-serve, we looked up another creamery which I had read about. They churn their ice cream the old fashioned way, with ice and salt.

The Urban Churn is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital. We had an hour before it closed and it was almost half an hour away. Even though it would be backtracking, we decided to go for it! I laughed at how crazy we are!

The Urban Churn is a little creamery, located in an old section of town which small businesses and eateries are trying to bring back to life. It was a little like San Marco in Jacksonville, Florida.

Gregg ordered Roasted Banana. I had Mixed Berry. Both were flavorful. The ice cream was creamy. It did seem to melt a bit more quickly than we expected. We wondered if that was due to the feeezing process. It reminded us of how our homemade ice cream melts quickly.

I really do think this is our last ice cream for the day. We just made a hotel reservation in Chambersburg, PA. The last creamery on our pre-planned list is in that town. Chambersburg peaches may be in season now. If so, we’ll be buying peaches to take home so we can make peach ice cream..

We are enjoying a beautiful sunset, red sky reflecting off the Susquehanna River and later silhouetting the mountain range. Awesome!

Ratings on a scale of -5 to 5:

  • Creativity: 2
  • Flavor: 4
  • Texture: 5
  • Temperature: 4
  • Selection: 1
  • Type: hard packed/scooped
  • Worth the Drive? 1

Published by Kristin Emily Friend

I am a wife, sister, aunt, friend, and Hope*Writer.

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