Ice Cream… Served on a Diamond, Guarded by a Fort – Ligonier Creamery, Ligonier, PA

August 1, 2020

What better way to begin the month than to eat ice cream for lunch?

After running an errand in Connellsville, Gregg took us on a detour to Ligonier, PA, home of Fort Ligonier.

The town square is actually a diamond, surrounded by a traffic circle and quaint historic buildings. The town is delightfully charming! I can’t wait to return and wander through the shops.

Our destination today was the Ligonier Creamery on the beautifully manicured town diamond, adjacent to a beautiful old church with a rose window. Three people walked out of the creamery with bright yellow ice cream. Curious!

Inside the creamery, it felt as if we had walked back in time into an old soda fountain. Back in the day, this had been part of G.C. Murphy Variety Store.

The ice cream selection included 14 creative flavors of dipped ice cream, soft serve chocolate and vanilla, and blackberry frozen yogurt. Gregg selected two scoops of the bright yellow, peanut butter banana. I selected a scoop of cin-o-bun and a scoop of kalua crunch.

Gregg said his was okay, the flavor was not what he expected and it reminded him of yellow marshmallow peanut-shaped candies. Banana Peanuts would have been a more appropriate name for this flavor. He’s glad he tried it yet will try something else next time.

My top scoop was Kalua Crunch. It had a light flavor of heath candy. I didn’t notice any coffee flavoring. The cin-a-bun scoop below popped with flavor and I was pleased to end with that taste.

We each had waffle cones dipped in chocolate and then nuts. Delicious!

It was fun to sit on a stool, watching the world go by. People with children on bikes, shoppers, and many ice cream eaters. I can see why as the ice cream is delicious and not expensive. Our bill was $10 for 2 double-scooped waffle cones. We never got out of Sweet Frogs FroYo that cheaply.

Ligonier is about an hour drive from our PA home. Now that my anxiety is under control, this Florida girl finds riding through the Appalachian Mountains to be soul-refreshing. The scenery is ever changing from mountains, trees, valleys, fields showing off their different colors of green depending on the crop, barns, silos, cows and other animals, family gardens, brownstone homes, old company-style homes, restored historic homes, rundown homes, and more.

This easy excursion is definitely on my “Let’s Do It Again” list!

View from the stool

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