Ice Cream Trail Stop #30 – Penn State Berkey Creamery, State College, PA

July 18, 2020

In January, we ate ice cream numerous times at the Berkey Creamery during the three days we were there with Gregg’s brother, Doug. Doug and I took the weekend Ice Cream 101 course which is offered once a year each January. A fellow student introduced me to the PA Ice Cream Trail. We hadn’t heard of it before and were immediately smitten!

Our travels this week took us close to State College which is listed on the PA Ice Cream Trail list. Berkey Creamery’s website indicates that, due to the pandemic, they are not selling scooped ice cream, so we didn’t stop. Yet, I am adding this creamery to our list since:

  1. The Berkey Creamery is on the official trail list,
  2. Penn State and their creamery is THE ice cream standard for much of the country since they research, train, and help many national brands as well as small businesses,
  3. It is the birthplace of our trail adventure, and
  4. We have eaten there in 2020, I’m going to include it on our list.

Gregg had many flavors at Berkey Creamery while Doug and I were tasting innumerable samples in our class. I’m pretty sure I got an Almond Joy type of flavor at Berkey when we first arrived at Penn State on Thursday night.

I was on Cloud-9 the whole weekend. The Ice Cream 101 Course was the BEST 60th Birthday gift EVER! And it was a sacrifice for Gregg to be there since Penn State is the historical rival of West Virginia University, his favorite college team. Such a love-gift!

This is Mr. Thompson from Florida demonstrating an Emory Thompson batch machine which invented by his family. Along with other positive qualities, they say they are easy to clean and easy to add chunky mix-ins into the ice cream once it begins freezing.
Although THIS machine captured ny heart immediately. It reminds me of a Kitchenade mixer/freezer combo. Doesn’t seem like it could get much easier to clean and add in mix-ins! (Cattabriga EFFE 6)
Be still, my heart! LOVE this machine! They made vanilla ice cream, then added dipping chocolate that hardened into chocolate chips.

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